How to use Grammarly in Google Docs

How to use Grammarly in Google Docs
How to use Grammarly in Google Docs

How to use Grammarly in Google Docs

Now now that Grammarly has been installed and activated to use, let’s make use of it within Google Docs. Google Doc. Grammarly comes with a range of features that you can use with Google Docs. Let’s have a look at what Grammarly can accomplish.

How to use Grammarly in Google Docs
How to use Grammarly in Google Docs

Underlines in red If you’re typing, Grammarly shows any suggestions it can offer by way of an underline in red. When you hover over that underline, Grammarly displays suggestions for corrections. You are able to either accept or decline Grammarly’s suggestions in every instance.

A Grammarly icon: When you’re inside a Google Doc with Grammarly enabled it will display an icon located in the lower-right corner. The icon gives you the details in an instant. When the icon appears with an e-wheel spinning, Grammarly is checking your work. If the icon turns colored green, Grammarly is not able to find any writing issues. If the icon changes to red with a number within it, it is a sign that Grammarly has detected some issues.


The Grammarly Sidebar To view the full listing of suggestions, click the Grammarly icon. It will open your Grammarly Sidebar. Edits can be seen in the sidebar. Clicking a suggestion will give a detailed explanation of the modification.

goal setting Grammarly allows you to establish the goals of your work. It lets you define goals for your public, the formality of your piece, and the intention of your writing. Each goal can be customized dependent on whether you’re a premium or free subscriber. To change the goals, go to Grammarly’s Grammarly Sidebar and click the goal with an arrow inside it in the upper right.

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