Top 10 SEO expert columns of 2022

Top 10 SEO expert columns of 2022
Top 10 SEO expert columns of 2022

Top 10 SEO expert columns of 2022

In the time since Search Engine Land launched, we’ve offered SEO experts the opportunity to share their extensive expertise and current insights in the hope of helping you overcome problems, handle problems and grasp the constantly changing SEO landscape.

One of my top priorities for this year was helping to relaunch Search Engine Land’s Subject-Matter Expert program. Search Engine Land Subject-Matter Expert program, which was in suspension for the majority of over the last few years.

Top 10 SEO expert columns of 2022
Top 10 SEO expert columns of 2022

Below, you’ll find links to the 10 most read and must-read Search Engine Land SEO columns in 2022, which were written by our wonderful team of Subject Experts in the field.


I want to offer some praise for Olav Kopp, who authored three of the top 10 loved SEO columns from the year. Amazing!

10. How to utilize 12 micro intents to improve SEO and mapping the journey of content

The analysis of the SERPs to identify these micro-intents will aid in creating the best content that searchers are likely to want to locate. (By Olav Kopp. Published on 18 July.)

9. Google search quality rater guidelines What’s changed?

Google has redefined their definition of AMYL. It has also updated its definition of low-quality websites and much more. Here are the specifics. (By Lily Ray. Released on July 28th.)

8. 20 sophisticated Google search operators that you have to be aware of

Get powerful insights that will guide your marketing campaigns. Utilize these advanced Google search engines as well as commands for your benefit. (By Jon Clark. Released October. 3.)

7. Google MUM upgrade What can Sees be expecting in the coming years?

What is MUM, Google’s next move towards becoming a pure semantic search engine? Find out the implications of MUM. MUM could have to say about SEO’s future. SEO. (By Olav Kopp. The publication date was 15 April.)

6. An introduction to the machine learning process in searching: key concepts, words, and algorithms

Are you interested in understanding how machine learning affects search? Find out the ways that Google utilizes machine learning models and algorithms to improve search. (By Dave Davies. The publication was made on May 2.

5. Google’s useful updates to content: what can we be expecting?

Sees could be getting another overhaul similar to the Penguin debut 10 years ago. Here’s what you should be aware of, Google’s latest update. (By Marie Haynes. The book was published on Aug. 22.)

4. 12 WordPress site settings are crucial to your SEO success

Are you looking to set up your WordPress site to improve ranking and traffic? Be sure to follow these settings for your site to boost your SEO. (By John McAlpin. The book was published on Sept. 15.)

3. The by-no-means-definitive keyword size showdown: GSC vs. Ahrens vs. Semrush vs. MOZ

Take a look at how the result of the study of four of the most popular SEO tools’ coverage of keywords for domains within the field of pharmaceuticals. (By Tylor Hermanson. The book was published on Sept. 19.)

2. 14 ways Google may evaluate E-A-T

Find out about the possible indicators Google could be using to determine whether your website and your content are displaying solid E-A T. (By Olav Kopp. The publication was published on March 18.)

1. 11 Google Sheets formulas Sees should be aware of

Sometimes the most effective SEO tools are completely free. Learn to apply these strategies to cut down on time and avoid manual mistakes. (By Jackie Chu. Published June 30.)


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